Dogtra Remote Dog Trainers & Accessories

Remote Dog Training Collars

Dogtra Transmitter for RR DELUXE

Dogtra Transmitter for MPLUS

Dogtra Transmitter for iQ

Dogtra Transmitter for HPLUS

Dogtra Transmitter for EF3000-GOLD

Dogtra Transmitter for EDGE


Dogtra Transmitter for 3500NCP

Dogtra Transmitter for 302M


Dogtra Transmitter for 282NCP

Dogtra Transmitter for 280NCP

Dogtra Transmitter for 2502T&B


Dogtra Transmitter for 2302NCP

Dogtra Transmitter for 2300NCP

Dogtra Transmitter for 1902NCP

Dogtra Transmitter for 1900NCP

Dogtra SureStim M Plus

Dogtra iQ Plus Remote Training System

Dogtra SureStim H Plus

Dogtra Edge RT

Dogtra EDGE

Dogtra iQ CliQ Remote Trainer

Dogtra ARC Low to Medium Output Remote Dog Training Collar

Dogtra 3500NCP Super-X Series

Dogtra Element 300M Series

Dogtra 280NCP Platinum Series

Dogtra 2500 T&B Training and Beeper

Dogtra 2300NCP Advance Series

Dogtra 1900NCP Field Star Series


Dogtra Strap - 1" x 32"

Dogtra Strap - 1" x 30"

Dogtra Replacement Strap 1" x 24"

Ground Staples

Dogtra YS-200 Bark Collar Replacement Probes

Dogtra Probe Extensions

Dogtra Probes 3/4" - MALE

Contact Point SCG-401K

Coastal Nylon Training Leash - 1"

DT Systems Transmitter for the BL-509 Bird Launcher

Dogtra External Speaker

Dogtra RR Deluxe

Dogtra RR Deluxe Extra Receiver

Dogtra Quail Bundle

Dogtra QL Launcher

Dogtra PL Launcher

Dogtra Pheasant Bundle

BD-18 Boundary Kit (18 Guage)

Training Flags

Dogtra Expansion Kit EF3000

Dogtra EF-3000 Gold

Dogtra SureStim M Plus Receiver Collar

Dogtra SureStim H Plus Receiver Collar

Dogtra iQ Plus Additional Receiver/Collar

Dogtra eF-3000 Gold Extra Receiver

Dogtra EDGE Receiver Collar

Dogtra iQ CliQ Receiver Collar

Dogtra Extra/Replacement Collar for ARC Remote Dog Trainer

Coastal Herm Sprenger Hook Links #513

Herm Sprenger Training Collar - #51

Coastal 3.0mm Heavy H.S. Choke Chain Training Collar - #310

Coastal Herm Sprenger Steel Chain Training Collar - #210 - 18"

Coastal Herm Sprenger Choke Chain - 2.0 mm diameter

Titan Hook Links #5591H

Titan Metal PinchTraining Collar #5590 - Coastal

Dogtra SBC5V1000-5.5 Charger

Dogtra Charger SBC12V300 5.5 SMPS

Dogtra SBC10V2000-5.5 Charger for EDGE

Dogtra Auto Charger BC12AUTO

Dogtra European 240v Charger - Fits Dogtra Remote/Collar (Except for 3500NCP Super X and 2500T and B)

Dogtra Dual Charging Splitter Cable

Dogtra BC5VAUTO Charger for Auto

BC30 Dogtra Charger for Yapper Stopper YS-300 - 110Volt power / 12 volt

Dogtra Charger BC25V500 3.5

Dogtra BC18V200 5.5 Battery Charger

Dogtra BC12V300 5.5 Replacement Charger

Dogtra BC10V1500 5.5 Replacement Charger

Dogtra BC10AUTO Auto Battery Charger

CR2032 Replacement Coin Lithium Battery

Dogtra BPRR Replacement Battery

Dogtra BP74TE Transmitter Battery

Dogtra BP74T2 Replacement Battery

Dogtra BP74T Replacement Battery

Dogtra BP74R Replacement Battery

Dogtra BP37T Replacement Battery

Dogtra BP37F Replacement Battery

Dogtra BP2T Replacement Battery

Dogtra BP-20R Replacement Battery

Dogtra BP15RT Replacement Battery

Dogtra BP12RT Replacement Battery

Dogtra YS-500 No Bark Collar

Dogtra YS-300 No Bark Collar

Dogtra iQ No Bark Collar

Wonpro WA-7 Power Plug Adapter for United Kingdom UK Outlets

Wonpro WA-17N Power Plug Adaptor for Australian Slanted Prong Outlets

Wonpro S-9A Power Plug Adaptor for European Outlets (not for UK)

Waterproof Splices 2 pack


Dogtra Solenoid Cable

Dogtra Surge Protector EF3000

Dogtra Solenoid

Dogtra Launcher Mesh

Dogtra Launcher Extension Cable

Belt Clip for Dogtra Remote Transmitters

Belt Clip for Dogtra Remote Transmitters

Dogtra Antenna ANT RRDX

Dogtra Antenna ANT RR

Dogtra ANT3 Antenna

Dogtra ANT2 Antenna